The Brew It difference

It’s critical to us that our business focuses on service not selling equipment. We know that it’s not just about providing coffee equipment and leaving our clients to it. The Brew Group prides itself on having a team with a wealth of experience gleaned from working with caterers, distributors, engineers, roasters and manufacturers. This insight into various industries allows our team to continually develop and provide first rate support for our customers.

Technical experts

So, what makes someone a technical expert? They need to have specific knowledge within their field of work so that they can offer consultation to clients. When customers buy a product or use a service people want technical expertise. They want to know when there is a question, problem or issue that they can go to an engineer who has the answers they need. The internet pop up box when you visit a website doesn’t always cut it especially with machinery and moving parts. With coffee machines this is much more of a visual skill. The world moves at a fast pace and there is an expectation now that we need answers to questions fast.

How we deliver

Brew It consists of a passionate team that want to help, inspire and guide their clients. We listen to our customers’ needs and make recommendations through that process. All our product range is covered by our specialist service teams. We utilise our in-house field service engineers and offer industry training to our wider UK network of espresso technicians and specialist engineers. We understand firsthand the needs of reliable service and along with extensive UK held parts inventory offer a next day service cover or bespoke as required. Much of our equipment can be rented with full service included – a model gaining support for its transparency and forecastablilty.

We listen

Because it is so important to us that we can help and make recommendations, we take the time to really listen to our clients. We hear what their concerns are and how they need their coffee equipment to work for their business. The Brew It Group knows that this kind of equipment is an investment for businesses so we can offer guidance on the best mid to long term solutions for customers. The provision of good investment doesn’t end with the machinery, we aim to support green technology that reduces energy consumption. We also recognize that time is key for the barista, so our solutions aim to improve workflow generating better productivity and maximize sales.

Expertise generates trust

When people are given solutions that work well for them, it empowers them and really does generate trust in the brand. Equally when issues arise, knowing that there are engineers that can sort problems quickly gives a safety net to business who are reassured that the situation is handled. Knowledge comes through experience and listening, and we are committed to consistently evolve, develop and strengthen so that we can serve our customers in the most effective way.