We have spent many years working alongside people in all areas of the coffee industry from caterers to distributors, engineers, roasters and manufacturers. This allows us to have a complete view of what different client’s individual needs are and allows us to provide a bespoke coffee equipment solution that is right for their business. This is a process we have developed through experience and it means we tailor equipment appropriate to the customer.

So, who are the main players in the manufacture of coffee equipment? We’ve partnered with some of the best in the business and enjoy strong relationships with manufacturers of coffee and milk machines as well as grinders:

  • Loring
  • La Spaziale
  • Mahlkonig
  • Milkit
  • PUQ Press
  • Anfim
  • Diting
  • Hey Café
  • Fetco

Deli or café

You need to ensure you have the time to make coffee in these small but busy establishments, but a full-time barista devoted entirely to making coffee is a big outlay. It’s also likely you will have limited space behind the counter so we make sure the solution we suggest works for this environment. With restricted space and staff, the Brew It team tailor the equipment to suit the business demands.


A large canteen with hundreds of orders; this is a space where your machine needs to be efficient and up to demand. These can feature in department stores or in bigger sized businesses, either way it’s a busy environment that must ensure continual service. It must always remain functional so our Brew It service team provide the right technical support for this environment.

Hospitality sector

In this industry with guests to keep happy, it’s important to have a machine that is fit for purpose and the right training to ensure premium service. Most pubs nowadays have a coffee machine as a growing number of patrons do not want alcohol or soft drinks and addition many of them serve food where there is demand for coffee after meals. In a busy restaurant there can literally be hundreds of cups of coffee ordered which means a machine that is on the go from the moment you open. At Brew It we understand that everything that happens in the hospitality sector is about customer experience so we make sure you can deliver at the highest level.

Machine types

It’s evident there is great breadth to the different industries we supply and therefore we have a range of equipment to suit:

  • Bean to cup
  • Commerical bean to cup
  • Espresso
  • Grinders
  • Milk machines

Training and maintenance

Once you have the right machine for your industry, it’s important to ensure your team has the correct training so that the coffee making is as efficient as possible. We provide the reassurance of our specialist service team and supply of parts next day in the UK. We utilize our in-house field service engineers and offer industry training to our wider UK network of espresso technicians and specialist engineers. We understand firsthand the needs of reliable service, so we strive to deliver.