What is the Brew It group

The Brew It Group is a group of companies dedicated to specialty coffee equipment solutions. We work with UK coffee distributors and directly with chains and groups in the hospitality sector. We partner with many of the finest brands in our sector which can be found on our high streets and in specialty coffee bars across the UK. We can help you find the best solution for your budget through these partnerships we have with trusted brands but how do you know when to trust a brand?

The importance of brand

When considering a company’s brand does this just mean the logo and colours of signage and packaging? Whilst that initial visual cue to customers starts to work on the brain, what it really means to customers beyond the design and aesthetics is key. It represents everything that is perceived about a business, its service, product and reputation. So, to create an effective brand this really involves a deeper understanding beyond a logo.

Branding that creates trust

Whilst trust does come with experience of a business, it can also come with how the brand is experienced. There are multiple touch points where a customer encounters a company brand so there needs to be consistency both online and in person. When branding is successful on websites and social media, there is a distinctly consistent feel to these platforms. Similarly, customers have that same feel of consistency when they are buying a product from that company either instore or online. Ensuring that every area of the business has the same look and voice will generate trust.

Get the team behind the brand

You can put all this thought into what the company stands for and how you want customers to perceive your brand but if your staff aren’t onboard then it’s not going to work. An employee doesn’t want to just turn up for their job, they need to feel a part of the overall goal. Equally, employers want staff to be proud to work alongside them moving the company towards the same common goal. In other words, your brand needs to be the mascot that everyone gets behind and cheers for. We are proud of our team at Brew It so how does branding work with multiple companies and brands?

The brands we work with

The strategic partnerships we have within the Brew It group are based on mutual respect and trust. When relationships are built on transparency and openness it has a ripple effect on all those brands. When a business has a trusted reputation, and they start to work alongside you then it sends a strong message that your brand is also to be trusted. We are proud to work with the very best producers of coffee roasters, grinders, brewers, water heaters and milk tap systems. We have built a culture of honesty and integrity with our brand partnerships and we continually ensure that we listen to our customers and their experience of us.