The Brew-It Group believes in quality. All of our coffee equipment product range is of the highest quality, providing our network of UK coffee distributors, chains and groups in the hospitality sector with access to the very best around. Our specialist service teams also come as part of our dedication to consistency and high standards, including the offer of training to a network of espresso technicians and specialist engineers. We know how important reliability is, and this begins with great coffee beans (and pods), great coffee equipment and the right training and knowledge by staff.

Once you have the right coffee equipment in place to serve up delicious drinks to your customers, and you have the right produce to make that happen, there is only one more ingredient that you need – a good barista. Barista training, and especially espresso training for baristas is the missing piece of the puzzle that many coffee shops miss out on or don’t go far enough with training to reach the highest standards.

The espresso machine you have in place is a professional piece of kit. If you use it correctly and look after it well, it can bring your customers great joy over many years and help you to make a profit. In order to do this, it is important to train your baristas carefully and thoroughly:


  • Espresso training will teach your barista how to impress customers with a wide and varied number of recipes
  • They’ll learn how to use the grinder in such a way to create the perfect coffee every single time
  • Learn how to steam milk, to provide frothing and texturing
  • Build up a skill set that helps to improve confidence in a busy, commercial setting
  • It’ll teach proper cleaning and maintenance techniques to prolong the life-cycle of the machinery
  • They’ll learn how to work safely at all times

The Brew-It Service

We work with a wide range of caterers, distributors and manufacturers, groups within the hospitality sector, roasters and engineers with the aim of developing an insight into the industry that is second to none. Our aim is to continue to develop our service in a way that allows you to increase the quality of drink for your customers, reduce costs for your business, lower energy costs and help to develop greener solutions, help you to make the best decisions for your budget over the short to medium-term, and to improve the levels of barista training and knowledge in an effort to streamline workflow.

We know that there are times when you require next day service cover and you’ll find that a lot of our equipment can be rented with full service included. This approach serves our clients well, with greater levels of transparency and scalability afforded growing companies and specialist coffee shops across the country.

If you would like to find out more about the Brew-It Group and the services that we offer nationwide, please feel free to contact us today using our simple contact form. Alternatively, you can call us on 01246 454 400 and we’ll be happy to discuss what we do. Our showroom is located in Sheffield, but we provide a full delivery service nationwide, as well as service cover for the entire country.