We hear the word sustainability bandied about frequently now but is it just a buzz word or an indicator of best practice and core values? In 2019 we saw a rise of 75% from 2018 on searches for the term sustainability. It seems in every sphere of life people are becoming more mindful of products and services they use but what does sustainability mean?

The Cambridge dictionary describes sustainability as “the idea that goods and services should be produced in ways that do not use resources that cannot be replaced and that do not damage the environment“. With a massive surge in the popularity of coffee in the last couple of decades and a staggering 95 million cups of coffee consumed daily in the UK, it is right that we look at this consumption and its environmental impact.

Deforestation and coffee production

The top ten coffee growing regions in the world are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, India, Honduras, Uganda, Mexico and Guatemala. The WWF have recently highlighted the link between coffee growing and deforestation. It was their contention that 37 of the 50 countries in the world with the highest deforestation rates are also coffee producers. With concerns growing about the loss of rain forest such as the Amazon we are running out of time to ensure human consumption does not strip the planet of its valuable resources.

Fair trade

Most of us are familiar with the Fairtrade logo on products and we may feel this is enough to ensure our choices are sustainable. Coffee that carries this logo has been certified as having been produced to Fairtrade standards. The focus is on ensuring the growers achieve greater equity in international trade but does this tick the box in terms of sustainability. Well the Fairtrade organization states that environmental protection is at the heart of what it sees as sustainable practice. Fairtrade standards require smallholder farmer and larger hired labour production set-ups are compliant in key areas. The standards also promote training for farmers, Fairtrade has a set of standards which can include advice on more environmentally sound farming practices alongside specific training for farmers.

How Brew It fits in

It’s clear that sustainability is a term that encompasses all aspects of production and service so what are we doing at Brew It to contribute to this global effort?

The Brew It Group has a range of equipment brands that are committed to delivering sustainable quality barista technology producing consistent high-quality beverage results in the cup whilst being good for both profit and the planet. We have experience across the industry that allows us to make recommendations and support our clients in making the most efficient equipment choices. We look at the whole picture and consider reducing the whole life cost for your business. We find solutions that lower energy costs and support green technology for the planet. Sustainability for us is a real opportunity to provide innovation and to constantly evolve our business.