As we move into summertime and the temperatures start to rise, many of us will naturally turn to colder drinks to help cool us down, especially during heatwaves at the height of summer. There is that school of thought though that a hot drink, such as a hot cup of coffee or tea, can actually help to cool your body down. Is this true, and should you continue drinking the best coffee available even when it’s scorching outside?

It isn’t just an old tale that’s been passed down through the generations, there is actual science that backs up this idea. There has been research into hot drinks and the cooling down effect, and it has been discovered that drinking a hot cup of coffee on a hot, dry day can actually help to cool your body down. The reason is that a hot drink will make your body sweat a little bit more than it usually would, and your body’s reaction to this can help to cool you down, as long as you are wearing loose, thin and light clothes that allow sweat to evaporate easily.

There are certain ideal conditions for this however, and a hot, dry day is one of those. If you love coffee and it is a hot, sticky and muggy climate you might find that it won’t help cool your body down. If you love coffee as much as we do though, you’ll probably be drinking it everyday no matter the weather!

The Brew-It Service

The Brew-It team understands coffee. We know what it takes to deliver high quality coffee on a consistent basis and our clients have delivered exceptional consistency due to our help. We work with a wide range of groups and individuals within the hospitality sector, aiming to develop and increase the quality of the drink your customers will receive from you. We can help you:

  • Use the best coffee equipment on the market
  • Train your baristas to the highest possible levels
  • Have access to a full-service repair and maintenance service and next-day delivery, on a nationwide level
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Lower energy bills
  • Increase renewable and sustainable processes
  • Choose the right services for your short and medium-term budgetary requirements
  • Streamline your workflow processes

To find out more about the service the Brew-It Group offers it has never been easier. We have a simple contact form that you can fill in and we’ll contact you at the most convenient time for you. Alternatively, you can call us on 01246 454 400 and we’ll be happy to discuss what we do. Our showroom is located in Sheffield, but we provide a full delivery service nationwide, as well as service cover for the entire country.