Aren’t we known to be a nation of tea drinkers? Weren’t the very foundations of Britain built on tea? Whilst of course there is a deep historic connection to the import and growing of tea, times are changing, Brits are finding a new love for coffee. Current stats show that us Brits drink an incredible 100 million cups of tea a day but coming a very close second at 95 million is coffee. So, when did this love of coffee suddenly explode into the demand we have now?

Coffee house culture in 17th century Britain

The shock news is that coffee houses first appeared in Britain as far back as the 1650s. No, we’re not talking of some Jacobean version of Starbucks, these places to enjoy coffee were a different concept all together. The coffee houses quickly sprung up particularly in London and became a central meeting place for writers, businessmen, politicians and other professionals of the time. In this environment ideas were exchanged, and topics debated. Some of the top scientists of the day would meet to discuss various big scientific questions over a cup of coffee. The open nature of conversations and interaction was key to the success of these establishments. The Arabic tradition of coffee houses dates long before its popularity in Britain but It wasn’t just London, coffee houses also became popular in France. It was the age of Enlightenment and in coffee houses people from all spheres of life found themselves able to embrace individualism.

Coffee today

The range of coffee we can source now is mind blowing from Indonesia to Brazil and in various forms. Gone are the days of choice being restricted to the lowly cup of instant, now you can even grind your own beans in the comfort of your home. It’s no less dizzying when you buy coffee out. The four main types of beans are Arabica, Robusta, Liberica and Excelsa. It’s unlikely you’ll be offered a choice of bean, but the real connoisseurs of coffee know their stuff, and which bean they prefer. Then you must choose whether you want latte or macchiato and what type of milk, do you go traditional cow’s milk or for more exotic coconut milk?  It’s a dizzying choice now and a buyers’ market helped in a decent coffee establishment by a well-trained barista. Who doesn’t love watching them expertly change the coffee over in lightning speed as they prepare your own unique drink?

How Brew It helps

We supply and support all the machinery your expert barista will need. All our product range is covered by our specialist service teams. We utilize our in-house field service engineers and offer industry training to our wider UK network of espresso technicians and specialist engineers. The nations coffee houses know that they have this expertise sat behind them and machines that function well. All this results in increased drink quality for your customers and improves the baristas’ workflow saving time.